Hello. My name is Nicholas, and I’m a medical student, pianist, and writer from Singapore.

As a contributing writer to SMA News and a former contributor to various medical student societies periodicals (The Quadriceps and Placebo), I love sharing my knowledge and experiences in the medical field.

But that’s not all. On my blog, I write about all sorts of things (in addition to medicine) that interest me.

Recently, I started a new and exciting journey in weight training. As a beginner, I am excited to document my progress and share my newfound knowledge with you. As such, on my YouTube channel, you’d find a mix of my piano and fitness content.

If you’re interested in working together, I’m open to partnerships in academic work, research, music, writing, and video production. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Ad-hoc services

  • TUITION (GCE ‘N’/’O’/’A’ Level – all levels of maths and physics)
    • After four years at MSHS, I proceeded to Hwa Chong Institution to sit the ‘A’ Level. After that, I completed full-time NS and headed to med school. For more on the rest of my academic journey to date, check out the ‘About‘ page.

Musings of guileless candour: an index


04(17): Why and how I lost 10 kg in 5 months, and successfully sustained it; lessons learnt, and next steps
04(16): Why 1 kg weight loss takes away 4 kg-equivalent of stress from the hip – a tango between medicine and Newtonian mechanics
04(15): A medical condition in which you shed crocodile tears
04(14): What objectively determines the physical attractiveness of a man’s face?
04(13): The secret of success according to the world’s greatest sushi chef
04(12): Aesthetic medicine – does it deserve such a bad rap?
04(11): Justin Bieber – a case study on facial nerve palsy and basic neurolocalisation
04(10): The finale of a global challenge that was held in London, and sightseeing in the city
04(09): Evolving views on social media
04(08): Notable snippets from a second read of Cal Newport’s “Digital Minimalism”
04(07): Earth without art is just ‘eh’
04(06): An unexpected appreciation for my piano arrangement of “The Road Ahead”
04(05): A revitalised urge for discipline in one’s pursuit of the deep life
04(04): A letter to 6-year-old Nic
04(03): Comparison is the thief of joy
04(02): Establishing a basic skincare routine
04(01): My journey with myopia and glasses

03(04): Vivid and bizarre dream which interrupted my sleep
03(03): Saving a life
03(02): There’s more to it than “just exercise more”
03(01): Takeaways from drafting a patient’s chronic care plan

02(11): LLPSI Pars I Familia Romana, Capitulum Quintum
02(10): LLPSI Pars I Familia Romana, Capitulum Quartum
02(09): LLPSI Pars I Familia Romana, Capitulum Tertium
02(08): LLPSI Pars I Familia Romana, Capitulum Secundum
02(07): LLPSI Pars I Familia Romana, Capitulum Primum
02(06): Getting back to learning Latin again after a hiatus; learn Latin with me.
02(05): Are there really different types of intelligence?
02(04): Take learning in medical school to the next level with AMBOSS
02(03): Thank you, anonymous listener
02(02): Pi day
02(01): Thoughts on the 2001 movie “Wit”

01(32): Should we abandon medical eponyms?
01(31): How I chose the pieces for my piano exam, and what I could have done differently
01(30): Think twice before swimming in warm freshwater lakes, rivers, and hot springs overseas?
01(29): What do beta-lactams and perhaps the smallest known living organism have in common?
01(28): Blood types, and converting type A to type O blood with two gut bacterial enzymes
01(27): Eh blarder, u god g6pd anot. dis g6pd si simi?
01(26): The world’s smallest motor
01(25): The fascinating story of Helicobacter pylori
01(24): Winning the genetic lottery for handspans as a pianist isn’t enough
01(23): The over-emphasis of patient autonomy under the guise of patient-centred care
01(22): I finally met you
01(21): Ms, Miss, Mrs, and Madam. What’s the difference?
01(20): The irony of the innominate artery, and other things
01(19): How to determine the last NRIC letter from the starting letter, and digits
01(18): The last right-side expressway exit left in Singapore
01(17): Joyce’s Ulysses, and the legacy of Latin
01(16): Lantern Festival – the Chinese Valentine’s Day
01(15): How I started tickling the ivories, quit, then rekindled my love for music
01(14): What I learnt from ‘His Robes For Mine’
01(13): Why grands are generally better than uprights
01(12): Why isn’t there a CC18 on the Circle Line?
01(11): How this song’s title (‘Everyday’) left me bemused for a long time
01(10): Making sense of the Chinese calendar
01(09): On months and seasons
01(08): Days of the week
01(07): Story behind the hymn ‘Living For Jesus’
01(06): Holy, Hallow, Sanctus
01(05): The story behind the hymn ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’
01(04): Calvary or cavalry?
01(03): Do leap years always occur every four years?
01(02): Why do most timepieces with Roman numerals use ‘IIII’ instead of ‘IV’?
01(01): Blogogenesis