04(07): Earth without art is just ‘eh’

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Earth without art is just ‘eh’.

This year, the 73rd NUS Medical Society Arts & Culture Directorate has put together the 2022 HeARTbuzz Art Exhibition and its theme is “Pneuma: Breath of life”.

The Ancient Greek word πνεῦμα (‘pneuma’) means “wind, breath, spirit” and wends its way into our modern lexicon, manifesting itself in terms such as pneumonia or even more esoteric medical terms such as pneumoperitoneum, pneumothorax, and the ludicrously bombastic synonym for silicosis which I’m not even going to bother attempting to spell. It’d be an experience more catastrophic than the volcanic eruption that the word vaguely alludes to.

As set out by the organisers of “Pneuma: Breath of life”, the art exhibition aims to “construct an exhibition of our joys, our angst, our tenacity, our motives, our zeal and our empathy.” It encourages us to look “through the lens of the protagonists of it all – people”.

I have found this academic year challenging in various aspects (the academic workload; losing the once-held autonomy associated with independent living – something that I had enjoyed for a whole 3.5 years whilst residing in Adelaide; I have fond memories of Adelaide – the reduced population density, the weather, a more close-knit environment, and would love to return one day). As such, I appreciate having such outlets of expression which provide me with the occasional quantum of solace amid the arduous curriculum.

I was glad to learn that my work entitled “From a Distance” was accepted and featured by the Arts & Culture Directorate for this exhibition, along with the various works by seven other medical students. The works will be on public display this week and tomorrow will be the last day of public display at the foyer of MD6 – Centre for Translational Medicine.

There will apparently be prizes for the crowd-favourite works. If you are there in person and enjoy my work, you are welcome to vote for it via the QR code found there. Voting closes on Saturday.

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