02(07): LLPSI Pars I Familia Romana, Capitulum Primum

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The diagram shows an island (insula), town (oppidum), and river (fluvius).

Rome is in Italy. Italy is in Europe. Greece is in Europe. Italy and Greece are in Europe. Spain is also in Europe. Spain, Italy, and Greece are in Europe.

Egypt is not in Europe; Egypt is in Africa. Gall is not in Africa; Gall is in Europe. Syria is not in Europe, but in Asia. Arabia is also in Asia. Syria and Arabia are in Asia. Germany is not in Asia, but is in Europe. Britain is also in Europe. Germany and Britain are in Europe.

Is Gall in Europe? Gall is in Europe. Is Rome in Gall? Rome is not in Gall. Where is Rome? Rome is in Italy. Where is Italy? Italy is in Europe. Where are Gall and Spain? Gall and Spain are in Europe.

Is the Nile in Europe? The Nile is not in Europe. Where is the Nile? The Nile is in Africa. Where is the Rhine? The Rhine is in Germany. The Nile is a river. The Rhine is a river.

The Nile and Rhine are rivers. The Danube is also a river. The Rhine and Danube are rivers in Germany. The Tiber river is in Italy.

The Nile is a large river. The Tiber is not a large river, the river Tiber is small. The Rhine is not a large river, but a large river. The Nile and Rhine are not small rivers, but are large rivers. The Danube is also a large river.

Corsica is an island. Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily are islands. Britain is also an island. Italy is not an island. Sicily is a large island. Melita is a small island. Britain is not a small island, but a large island. Sicily and Sardinia are not small islands, but large islands.

Brundisium is a town. Brundisium and Tusculum are towns. Sparta is also a town. Brundisium is a large town. Tusculum is a small town. Delphi is also a small town. Tusculum and Delphi are not large towns, but small town.

Where is Sparta? Sparta is in Greece. Sparta is a Greek town. Sparta and Delphi are towns of Greece. Tusculum is not a Greek town, but a Roman town. Tusculum and Brundisium are Roman towns. The island of Sardinia is Roman. Creta, Rhodus, Naxus, Samos, Chios, Lesbos, Lemnos, Euboea are all islands of Greece. In Greece, there are many islands. In Italy and in Greece are many towns. In Gall and in Ger-

-many, there are many rivers. Are there many rivers and many towns in Arabia? In Arabia, there are not many, but few rivers and few towns.

Creta isn’t a town, is it? No, Creta is not a town! What is Creta? Creta is an island. Sparta isn’t an island, is it? Sparta is not an island! What is Sparta? Sparta is a town. What is the ‘Rhine’? The Rhine is a large river. The Atlantic Ocean isn’t small, is it? It is not small, but a large ocean.

Where is the Roman Empire? The Roman Empire is in Europe, in Asia, and in Africa. Spain, Syria, and Egypt are Roman provinces. Germany is not a Roman province: Germany is not in the Roman Empire. But Gall and Britain are Roman provinces. In the Roman Empire, there are many provinces. The Roman Empire is great!

Letters and Numbers

I and II are numerals. III is also a numeral. I, II, and III are Roman numerals. I and II are small numerals. CIↃ is a large numeral.

A and B are letters. C is also a letter. A, B, and C are three letters. A is the first letter; B is the second letter.

C is the third letter. Γ is a Greek letter. C is a Latin letter. C and D are Latin letters. Γ and Δ are Greek letters.

Fluvius and oppidum are Latin words. Ubi is also a Latin word. In the word ubi, there are three letters. In the first chapter, there are a thousand words.

In the word insula, there are six letters and three syllables: first syllable in-, second -su-, third -la­. In the word non, there are three letters and one syllable.

What is III? III is a Roman numeral. What is Γ? Γ is a Greek letter. C isn’t a Greek letter, is it? It is not a Greek letter, but a Latin letter. Is B the first letter? B is not the first letter, but the second. What is non? Non is a Latin word. Non, sed, magnus, numerus are Latin words. Vocabulum is also a Latin word!

14 June 2020

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