02(09): LLPSI Pars I Familia Romana, Capitulum Tertium

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This blog post is my translation attempt on the third chapter of LLPSI FR. If you wish to learn Latin, all you have to do is just follow me from chapter 1. The Latin text is designed such that you can learn Latin from scratch just by reading the text itself without any external aid. Such is the power of context. For my translation attempt on the capitulum secundum, please check out an earlier post: 02(08).

I am making this translation as a way for me to actively consolidate my knowledge of Latin. As for how to use the text, I would advise that you read the original Latin text, and refrain from consulting my translation attempt unless you need to!

The Shameless Boy

Scene One
People: Julia, Marcus, Quintus.

Julia sings: “Lalla.” Julia is happy.
Marcus: “Stop!” Marcus is not happy.
Julia sings: “Lalla, lalla.”
Marcus: “Ssst!” Marcus is angry.
Julia sings: “Lalla, lalla, lalla.”
Marcus hits Julia.
Now Julia does not sing, but cries: “Uhuhu!”
Marcus laughs: “Hahaha!”

Quintus sees Marcus. Marcus does not see Quintus.
Quintus: “What? Marcus hits a girl – and laughs!”

Quintus is angry and Marcus strikes! Now, Marcus is not laughing. The angry Marcus hits Quintus.
Julia: “Where is Mother?” Julia does not see Aemilia.
Julia says to Aemilia: “Mother! Marcus hits Quintus!”
Marcus (angry): “Shush!” Marcus strikes Julia.
Julia cries and calls for Aemilia: “Mamma! Mamma! Marcus hits me!”
Aemilia comes.

Scene Two
People: Aemilia, Julia, Marcus, Quintus

Aemilia asks: “Who calls me?”
Quintus responds: “Julia calls you.”
Aemilia asks Quintus: “Why does Julia cry?”
Quintus responds: “Julia cries, because Marcus hit her.”
Aemilia: “What? The boy hits the little girl? Fu! Why does Marcus hit Julia?”
Quintus: “Because Julia sings.”
Aemilia: “O Julia, my little girl! Marcus is not a good boy; Marcus is a bad boy!”

Quintus: “Julia is a good girl.”
Aemilia asks Quintus: “Where is Julius? Why has he not come?” Aemilia does not see Julius.
Marcus responds: “Father sleeps.”
Quintus: “Mother did not ask you, but asked me!”
Aemilia: “Shush, boys! Where is Father?”
Quintus: “Father is not here, but Marcus is here.”
Quintus calls for Julius: “Father! Father!”

Julius does not hear Quintus, and does not come. Why does Julius not hear Quintus?
Julius does not hear him, because Julius is sleeping.
Marcus: “Haha! Father is sleeping and does not hear you.”
Aemilia: “Fu, boy!” Aemilia is angry. Mother beats the boy: tuxtax, tuxtax…
Marcus cries: “Uhuhu!”
Julius hears him. Now, Father is not sleeping.

Scene Three
People: Julius, Aemilia, Julia, Marcus, Quintus

Quintus: “Father comes.”
Aemilia does not hear Quintus, because Marcus cries.
Julius sees Quintus and asks him: “Why does Marcus cry?”
Quintus responds: “Marcus cries, because Mother beats him.”
Julius: “But why does Mother beat Marcus?”
Quintus: “Marcus is beaten because he is a bad boy. Marcus strikes the little girl!”
Julia: “Mamma! Father is here.” Aemilia sees Julius.
Aemilia: “Your Marcus is a bad boy!”
Julius: “Fu, boy! A good boy does not beat a girl. A boy who hits a little girl is bad!”
The angry Julius beats the bad boy: tuxtax, tuxtax, tuxtax…

Marcus cries. Quintus is happy and laughs. Julia is not happy and does not laugh. Why is Julia not happy? Julia is not happy, because Marcus cries. Julia is a good girl!

A boy laughs. A girl cries. Who is the boy who laughs? The boy who laughs is Marcus. Who is the girl who cries? The girl who cries is Julia.

Marcus, who hits a girl, is a bad boy. The girl who Marcus hits is Julia. Julia calls for Aemilia. Aemilia, whom Julia calls, is the mother of the children. Aemilia beats the boy. The boy whom Aemilia beats is Marcus.

Whom does Quintus call? Quintus calls Julius. Julius, whom Quintus calls, is the father of the children. Julius does not hear Quintus. Whom does Julius hear. Julius hears Marcus. The boy whom Julius hears is Marcus.

The girl who sings is happy. The girl who cries is not happy. A boy who hits a girl is bad!

Translation attempt of Capitulum Tertium of LLPSI Familia Romana by yours truly on 30 June 2020.


P.S. Do let me know if there are any errors.

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